November 23 2017

Uber Data Breach Scandal

Thomson Heath Jenkins & Associates
Thomson Heath Jenkins & Associates

In October 2016, the personal information of 57 million Uber users worldwide was
downloaded from cloud servers used by the company. Uber has confirmed that this includes
personal information of users in the UK.

To cover up the fact that the massive data breach had occurred, Uber paid $100,000 to the
criminal hackers that stole the data, so that they would keep the leak secret.

Dara Kosrowshahi, who has recently taken over the role of Chief Executive at Uber, has
confirmed that the leak has happened, has confirmed that it should never have happened,
and admitted that he has no excuses for it.

The fact of the leak, and its subsequent cover-up, raises extremely serious questions over the
handling of personal information at Uber. Any customers of Uber who held an account with
the company in or before October 2016 could potentially have a claim against the company.

With 3.5 million users in London alone, it is estimated that this latest scandal could cost Uber
hundreds of millions of pounds in damages claims paid in respect of customers, in addition to

Asked for comment on the Uber scandal, James Heath of Thomson Heath & Associates solicitors – a firm
specialising in the area, said “We have had a number of enquiries from troubled Uber
customers regarding the massive data breach in 2016. The manner in which Uber has treated
its customers’ personal data is hugely concerning. As is the fact that they paid criminals to
keep the data breach covered up for over a year. Thomson Heath & Associates are used to dealing with
group litigation such as this, having acted for the victims of the phone hacking scandal against
the News of the World and Mirror Group, and we are advising our clients of the options
available to them. We have retained the services of top media barristers, David Sherborne
and Felicity McMahon, of 5RB to act in these potential claims.

There may be millions of claims and anyone who was a customer of Uber in October 2016 or
before that date seeking advice should contact us at

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