December 8 2021

Imogen Thomas v NGN – Statement in Open Court

Thomson Heath & Associates is pleased to announce that Imogen Thomas has successfully settled her privacy claim against Newsgroup Newspapers Limited.

The Unilateral Statement in Open Court was read today in the High Court before Mr Justice Fancourt, the Managing Judge in the phone-hacking litigation. The statement is available here.

Imogen Thomas was represented by Mark Thomson, Emily Jenkins and Isabella Ritchie.

In addition to her Statement in Open Court, Imogen Thomas appearing at Court to hear her Statement said:

I am glad to be here today at Court to listen to my statement in open court which signals the end of my claim against News Group Newspapers.

From the moment I entered the big brother house in 2006 I knew my life would change. Upon entering, stories were appearing in many newspapers about my life. A lot fabricated and some with elements of truth. I always wondered how these stories came to light.

The actions of NGN caused me, my family and friends considerable distress. Relationships were damaged, friendships were lost and my integrity was questioned. It was painful.

Furthermore, I now believe I was targeted throughout separate litigation that I would now have been involved in but for NGN’s targeting of me.

Now I am relieved that this has all come to light and I have finally got to the bottom of it. It will take time but I can now start to trust again and build my life with my two children.

I have loved working in the media for the past 16 years it’s just a shame that my privacy was intruded and to that extent. I was not thought about, it was purely a story for them to keep selling millions of newspapers. It was callous and left me emotionally numb. I hope going forward that this doesn’t happen to any other victims and it stops here. My life has been an experiment to them let’s pray for change and protection for the future.”

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