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Intellectual Property

Your brand is who you are, either individually or corporately. It is crucial that the public recognises you immediately and associates your product with you and nobody else. There are many and varied ways in which we can help you.

All companies and individuals have things that make them unique. This ranges from the obvious, such as your name or that of your product range to less immediate ones such as a specific design or pattern that only you use. We advise you on the best way to maintain and protect this individuality, whether it is by registering a trade mark, entering into confidentiality agreements, taking action for infringement of copyright, passing off and /or false attribution of authorship or a variety of other ways.

We have considerable experience and expertise in negotiating and drafting the contracts that get your name and product into the public conscience through endorsements, advertising or sponsorship. We can advise and help you make sure your brand is seen in the best possible light rather than being exploited or associated with anything it should not be.

We have considerable experience of IP litigation of all sorts, in particular TV format disputes, breaches of copyright, patent and trademark infringements both here and worldwide.

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