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Data Protection

Our experienced team of specialists provide data protection and cyber privacy advice to individuals and business clients, both in the UK and in the wider EU. We help individuals and organisations navigate this complex area of law, ensuring personal data is protected and help you manage the consequences when it is not.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The landscape of data protection is constantly changing and is becoming increasingly important to both businesses and individuals alike. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now in force it is important that both EU and non-EU organisations, soon to include those in the UK, understand the ramifications of non-compliance with UK data legislation.

Our team of highly experienced data protection lawyers and our non-lawyer security specialists advise on a broad range of complex data protection issues. We have expertise in dealing with cases involving breaches of data, data infringement, and in protecting individuals where a data loss has resulted in a risk to their safety and privacy.

The GDPR has strengthened the rights of individuals to access their data electronically held by organisations, and to have it corrected or deleted. Alongside this, the potential penalties faced by organisations for non-compliance have also increased. The financial and reputational damage caused by a data breach can have devastating consequences to organisations of any kind, meaning that, in the event of a data breach, businesses must act quickly to prevent any risks to their customers, clients and employees. We will work closely with you in the immediate aftermath of a data breach to ensure that your obligations are complied with, and to manage the reputational impact of the breach.

We can assist your organisation with Subject Access Requests and dealing with any subsequent complaints and responses. We can also assist with any data protection claims before the courts involving the loss of data, and investigations by the Information Commissioner’s Office. We also provide businesses with reputation management where data breaches result in your business being subject to unwanted media attention.

If you are an individual who has been the victim of a data breach, we can assist you with finding out what has happened to your data and if appropriate bring procedures seeking compensation from the organisation responsible for failing to keep your data safe.

The firm has a range of extremely skilled litigators in this field, both at the partner level and below. They have huge experience, are phenomenally hard working, coupled with strong strategic skills. "

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