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Media Law

Media law covers an enormously broad range of industries. We have experience in all aspects of media, including television, film, music, art, literature and sport.

We recognise that technological advances mean that the barriers between these traditionally distinct areas are being blurred. The result of the high-pace at which the media world is developing means that companies and individuals do not have time to become accustomed to the all of the industry’s particular nuances and so, more than ever, require the guidance of professionals. We have high-quality contacts and advisers throughout the industry, and are more than happy to recommend you to them if we think it will be of assistance to you.

We most commonly advise individuals whose work covers a number of aspects within the media industry. We can offer advice drawn from experience on both sides of the table giving us the invaluable insight and expertise that you require to progress in your chosen fields.

We also have considerable experience of Regulatory issues where applicable.

In looking after our clients within the industry we deal with a large number of issues that affect them such as defamation, privacy, copyright and branding and the general development of commercial spin-offs. We also have substantial experience in resolving disputes for companies or individuals in the media world.

Extremely focused and knowledgeable team."

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