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Victims of Crime

Through the wider use of the internet, there has, inevitably, been a rise in certain types of crime including stalking and harassment, particularly of well known individuals with an online presence. Therefore, we offer our professional criminal law services to the victims of the crimes.

We have acted for a number of high profile victims of stalking and are extremely experienced in giving advice on civil options as well as supporting our clients through the criminal process if this is a more appropriate route. Similarly, we have acted for a number of victims of harassment and we have often been able to stop an issue early on, before it escalates too far. Besides that, we are equally well positioned to advise on next steps if this is not possible.

The internet has led to a rise in online crime such as cyber bullying, revenge porn and the hacking and distribution of private photographs. We have considerable experience in removing online material from the internet and we aim to give realistic advice about what is and what is not possible when it comes to removing material from the so-called dark web. We can also advise clients on their potential legal options against the perpetrators of these crimes where the perpetrators are known and possible ways of finding out who is behind anonymous activity where they are not.

Above all, our firm also represented the claimants in a class action which enabled them to receive compensation for the distressing experience of being the victims of systematic voyeurism.

Able to empathise well, to ascertain what a client’s objectives are, and to set about achieving those objectives effectively."

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