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There are now numerous methods of protecting disclosure of private or commercially confidential material, to protect an individual or an organisation against the excessive intrusions by national and international media, as well as by the state. These may include pre-publication injunctions and court actions, but it is essential to have effective and robust communication with the media to prevent unwarranted invasions of privacy.

Where you fear that the media may be threatening to disclose private and intrusive material, or commercially or politically sensitive material, it is essential to take advice and act quickly. We have very considerable experience in all types of privacy, data protection and confidence claims not only in the UK but also throughout the world.

Companies can be attacked by investigative reporters, former employees, consumer affairs broadcasts or business competitors, publishing confidential and valuable material. We have the expertise to prevent this or act swiftly if a breach of rights has occurred. We have the relevant experience to advise on the many and varied issues, including reputational issues, arising from such crises.

Where appropriate, we can apply to the court to seek to restrain threatened publications. Where private material has already been disclosed, often on the internet and abroad, or on social media, we act to achieve removal of the material immediately. This includes results on search engines, but also on the original offending websites or other digital platforms. We have been at the forefront of important privacy actions over the last 20 years, including:

  • Naomi Campbell v MGN
  • McKennitt v Ash
  • Cherie and Tony Blair v Associated Newspapers
  • Sienna Miller v News of the World
  • Ewan McGregor v Jason Fraser and Elliott Press
  • Sean Bean v Associated Newspapers and many others which have been anonymised by the High

We have also been involved in the leading harassment cases against Paparazzi including Sienna Miller v Darryn Lyons and Big Pictures and Lily Allen v Big Pictures and others.

Dynamic Mark Thomson is simply wonderful on prominent libel and privacy actions and knows the law like the back of his hand."

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